Simplifying Complexity – we built an an App for Canton Fair visitors.

The Canton Fair is held every Spring and Autumn in Guangzhou China, and is the worlds largest trade fair by far.

How Large?

  • 1,185,000 square metres – over a square kilometre of exhibition space
  • 3 phases, each 5 days, and each phase using all of that massive space.
  • Over 60,000 standard stands presented
  • 213 trading countries participating

Cantion Fair Large

It goes without saying then that no 1-person could ever visit every booth – it’s quite impossible.  Instead visitors have to carefully select what they want to see, and possible more importantly, what not to see.

But even then, even after a buyer has carefully selected just a few product niches, there are just so many competitors and product choices – indeed it can be quite overwhelming.

On our first trip we dutifully carried a notebook for notes, a mobile phone for pictures, and a backpacks for brochures and business cards.  What followed was days of relentless walking through the exhibition halls to visit vendors stocking potential products to suit our preferred niche markets.  At the end of it all, we had many 100’s of photos, 100’s of business cards, and stacks of notes. Consolidating all of that information into a useful format for later follow up was nothing short of a nightmare.

So, based on our experience, and the experience of others like us, we decided to build Canton Fair Buddy.

Now buyers can easily gather and store critical information, notes and pictures in one handy place – for easy access and follow up after the fair.  They can prioritise their most preferred by liking those files, and they can lock-protect critical items from accidental editing & deletion.

Finally  – a more rewarding Canton Fair experience with much less frustrations afterwards.

Canton Tower

Canton Fair Buddy

Available Free on App Store
App Store

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