Business Model Design Workshop

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So you have a great have a business idea!

The next step is to create a business model to see what would be needed to bring your business to life.

We will show you how using the very latest tools.

Common Key Learning Objectives include

  • What is a business model
  • Why the business model is the best tool to start with
  • The modern business model
  • Example business models
  • Integrating your unique product/service proposition/s in the business model
  • Designing you own business model
  • What next – what to do after you have created your business model/s

Who is this workshop for

  • Entrepreneurs at any stage of their business creation.
  • Business owners who want to gain a strategic understanding of their existing businesses.
  • Companies considering business expansion of acquisition.
  • Companies who want to create a culture of innovation.

Group Sizes

  • We can accommodate groups of up to 12.


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