Need Funding ?

Do you need funding?

Most entrepreneurs start with their own savings, then move on to people they know (Friends and Family), and end at the bank.

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But there are so many more sources of funds.  Here’s a selection of funding sources that you may not yet have considered.

  • Help with paying for bona fide R&D
  • Help with exporting Australian goods
  • Help with developing prototypes
  • Debtors based funding
  • Specialist funding to support high potential innovative companies
  • Angel Investors
  • Venture Funds
  • Crowd funding solutions

We provide the following services

  • An Editing & Review service. This is designed to help improve the quality of your funding application, and improve your chance of success.
  • Pitch Building. We teach you the core elements of an effective Pitch. Then we help you develop an impressive Pitch and Pitch deck to convincingly get your message across to your potential funder.  We use the same tried and tested formula used to raise funds and win Pitch competitions.
  • Capital Raising. We can help you raise capital from Grants Funds, Angels and Venture funds
  • If you need a business plan, we can prepare one for you.


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